Monday, November 7, 2016

A Quick Share: Meditations on the Almond Tree and the Olive Tree

Beautiful meditation on the Almond Tree and the Olive Tree linked here.

I would go a step further and say these plants demonstrate the symbiosis between Judaism and Gentile/Goy faith: the Almond Tree, first to bloom, is Israel, the first nation to awaken in the winter while other trees slumber; the Olive Tree is mentioned in the Brit Chadashah in Romans 11:11-31, and is the union between Israel and those who are grafted in to her later through the work of the Messiah.

It is when the almond tree blooms that you know to prune the olive tree, it is through the blooms of Judaism and the Torah that we know how to create and care for the olive tree as we graft in the new branches.

As the almond tree of the menorah upholds the olive oil, so there is no fuel, no light, no salvation outside of the Judaic path; Jewish thought is the base of all the world's light, and the Jewish history upholds and culminates in the suffering prayer that bursts into flame in the olive grove of Matthias 26 and Lucas 22. The almond tree in the Torah grew from Aaron's dead staff, resurrected, like the resurrected light of the world...(Tu B'Shevat, and Numbers 17:8; Hebrews 9:4; Yeremiyah or Jeremiah 1:11)

I don't know, I like thinking about these things.

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