Wednesday, June 5, 2019

Dragonfly wings, Part 1

I have to repeat a metaphor, and you will not blame me once you behold the absolute beauty of the dragonfly's wing design in this video below.

Be cautioned: graphic dragonfly intercourse does indeed occur. I hope you aren't offended by the way God made dragonfly babies happen.

Where is God in this creature he made?

There's a little mishle, of course, a little proverb, that Yeshua tells. Remember when he says to consider the birds, and we talked about considering the tarantula? (That was in our last book)

I'd like to remind you of an older Mishle, Mishle 6:6-8, which says to "consider the aunt, you sluggard!"

Um, actually, not your aunt. Although you should consider her feelings once in a while, at this moment I would like you to turn your attention to the ANT, the tiny colony-dwelling patriot who has inspired many a terrible pun.

As the tarantula teaches us to be restful, we know the ant for its hardworking consistency and teamwork. As a corollary, I would say the dragonfly is known for SEIZING LIFE BY THE BIG ONES AND NOT LETTING GO! (You did see the ferocity of the video, yes?) If you meditate for a while on that kind of ferocity, what can you grab? Do you love and need the divine as much as some near-brainless little stab-beast craves its food? If not, isn't that a bit embarrassing, considering how much more you need and understand the Source of all good things?

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